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Web Hosting providers generally provide both, Windows and Linux operating system options and it can get challenging for the user to decide which one to opt for owing to the individual benefits of either of these options. The Windows Server Hosting tends to offer comparatively more options when referring to website technologies, has strong security backed by leading foreign corporations and is often found easier to configure by the beginners and thus, is considered to be the best hosting platform in spite of being the expensive one around. Windows Hosting Page is basically referred to the websites that are hosted through the means of the Windows Operating System.

Ideally, Windows Web Hosting is the kind of service that should be adopted by you in case you plan to use certain specific Microsoft applications like Active Server Pages (ASP) or aim to develop your website with Microsoft FrontPage. The Windows Web Hosting is widely popular for providing extremely powerful, end-to-end management, reliability and scalability features along with its highlighting features of integrating the business with the internet and any Microsoft products to the website. Windows Hosting Plans are considerably the most preferred ones considering the highlighting features that they offer namely.

Why Choose Windows Hosting?

ASP.NET Hosting

This kind of hosting runs on the browser as well on the backend and thus is preferred by most and is available on Windows Web Hosting.

One-click Script Installs

Even the cheap Windows Hosting options available in the current scenario offer the option of one-click script installing, thus, minimalizing the entire process of configuration.

MS Access and MS SQL

MS Access is the comparatively older database which is used for the smaller, more basic purposes whereas MS SQL is the newer, more recent version and both these versions are available on Windows Web Hosting options.

Fast & Best

Get the speed you desire with our full-line of fine-tuned options for cheap Windows hosting. Choose from our high-octane Windows hosting plans and give your business the functionality you want.

Windows Hosting Server Features

Features Put You In Control

Easy to Use Control Panel

Think of easy data management, think of Plesk. A dashboard so easy to use that building and managing your projects would seem a breeze. Plesk is loaded with add-ons and features that secure your stuff against vulnerability and automate almost everything. Plesk is a feature of all our Windows shared hosting plans.

24/7 support

Our Windows shared hosting comes with amazing support round the clock. Stuck somewhere and don’t know what to do? Tell us and we will get back to you within an hour. The whole point of having round the clock support mechanism is to ensure that you don’t have a moment of downtime.


We have a fleet of local server systems, ensuring that you get the best of running speed and cost. Having said that, the quality of infrastructure and consistency with tech modernization are extremely important to us. All our Windows server hosting is done on the state of art infrastructure.

Powerful Admin Tools

Windows Web hosting comes with a better dashboard to offer than the other hosting options available.

DDoS protected server

The Windows Web server traces spam request with its Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) feature for the protection of the server.

US-based servers for premium bandwidth

Windows Web Hosting gets its bandwidth from US-based servers which have better infrastructure and security as compared to the others.

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Windows Hosting: Frequently Asked Questions

Windows by Microsoft is a group of Graphical Operating System families which are all developed, marketed and sold by Microsoft wherein each of the said families caters to a certain sector of the computing industry. It is basically a collection of certain programs known as operating systems (OS) that control a particular personal computer (PC). Windows was developed by Microsoft in November, 1985.

Windows Hosting basically is referred to the websites that are hosted via the Windows Operating System and is considered to be one of the most popular hosting plans considering the effective end-to-end management plans that it offers.

Plesk refers to a control panel that is made available on Windows Web Hosting accounts or Windows Server Hosting that lets you manage multiple aspects of your account.

Windows Hosting is considered to be one of the most powerful hosting looking at the string of advantages that is follows like a user-friendly approach, easy and manageable interface, frequent and regular updates along with safety and security features against hackers and the efficiency of supporting languages like Visual Basic, ASP, C# and .NET. 

Windows is a much more classic hosting option as compared to the Linux one which is more recent and has gained major popularity owing to its vast range of features. Because of this it has gained major popularity and is thus considered to be better and mostly preferred by designers these days.