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Your domain name is the identity of your business.Invest time and thoughts to it before you bang upon any particular domain name for your business.


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Tips To Find The Best Domain Name

A domain is basically referred to as a location of a Website. It contains a group of computers which can be accessed and administered with a common set of rules. It basically refers to a particular distinct subset of the Internet where a common suffix is shared by certain addresses or is under the control of a particular organisation or an individual.

When a number of computers and devices are administered as a single unit with common rules and procedures attached to them on a network, it forms a Domain. These Domains are defined by an IP address and all the devices sharing a common section of an IP address are considered to be on the same domain.

The Domain name acts as the face of your website. Thus, it is very important from the point of view of your website for you to have a good Domain name.

Although there is nothing like the best domain name or an ideal domain name, a good domain generally must have certain highlighting characteristics as mentioned below.

It must be short. It is very important for a good domain name to be short and crisp. The main reason for this is that a shorter name is anytime much easier to remember and has a better recall value. Ideally, a domain name should be below 10 characters. It is for the same reason that the shorter domains like .com and .in are already taken away.

Most of the users of the internet simply memorize the domain names of their preferred websites and reach out to them as and when required. Thus, a good domain name must be one that is easy to remember. If at all you have a complicated domain name that might be difficult to memorize, you might end up losing a number of visitors which can be a great loss. Easy to remember domain names help in the domain name search which is a big bonus to have.

It must be uncomplicated and easy to spell. Many a times, websites happen to choose complicated combinations of words, foreign terms or difficult words in general. This can lead to loss of visitors if at all they cannot reach you. Losing your visitors for a reason that they misspelled your domain name is the last thing that you want.

It should describe the essence of you and your website. Visitors come across your website while they are searching via the search engine. They will choose to enter your website only if the domain name explains and details regarding the same. Thus, a descriptive domain name can ensure you more visitors and help improve your SEO ratings as well.

A good domain name does not have numbers or hyphens. Generally, domain names with hyphens or numbers are monetarily cheap domain names. Such domain names can lead to confusion and can lead to you lose your visitors.

A good domain name is brandable. This means that it has an interesting combination of letters and an attractive pronunciation, helping the visitors identify and associate with your website, its ideology and content.

It is believed that a .com extension to your domain name can make it one of the best domain names. Generally, organisations prefer a .org extension. It is understood as a fact that the .com extension is the most popular and well recognized extension and is the one that people generally, attach to your website name. To search and buy a domain online, all you have to do is simply enter the desired name in a domain name checker or a domain name finder and press enter. You will be presented with a list of domains in tandem with your search. Some of the websites choose to buy cheap domain names from certain domain name finders and must ensure the legitimacy and safety of such names. There are various benefits of registering a domain name to your website.

The process of domain registration in Canada is extremely easy. The web address generally begins with www. You are allowed to buy and register a domain name for a minimum of one year to and maximum of ten years. Once purchased the above domain name, you get access and ownership for the said period of time.

There is no such thing as free domain registration. Though, there have been certain domain name checkers and domain name finders that do offer free or cheap domain registration. However, it must be understood that this is only for a certain time period and gradually comes to a point where you have to start paying for the same. However, you do have an option where you can buy or purchase cheap domain names as there are many portals offering this service. While most of these are reputable vendors, it is crucial to take precautions and make sure that you are engaging with a legitimate source.

Thus, it is very important for a website to have a domain name for the following reasons:


A Domain name attaches credibility to your Website and helps your website to come across as a genuine and professional one; something that a generic URL would never be capable of. A registered Domain name ensures the authenticity and increases the credibility of your website.

Brand Building

Buying a domain name helps to build and brand your website, thus increasing the recall value of your Website name.


Buying a website domain adds a level of mobility to your presence on the Web, enabling you to transfer and shift your respective web hosts. If you haven’t purchased a domain name, you will have to pick up a new URL altogether which might nullify the entire branding previously done by your initial address.

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A domain name is basically the name of your website. Its purpose is to help users find and identify computers on the internet. It refers to the address where the users can access your website. A domain name can be combination of numbers and letters, used with various domain name extensions such as .com, .net, .org amongst others.

Registering a domain name adds credibility and ensures the legitimacy of your brand while making it look like a professional one. Domain name also helps in protecting and guarding the trademarks and the copyrights of your brand, increasing its brand awareness and SEO positioning at the same time.

There are various steps included in the process of domain name search. There are a number of portals which have a domain name checker option available. You simply have to try a few combinations with your brand name like or on the domain name finder and the portal checks the availability and updates you accordingly.

The process of domain registration in India is quite simple. You get to purchase a registered domain name for a certain period of time. Once it is about to expire, you get in touch with your provider who provides you with a list of domains that are about to expire and you choose the one that you want to go with.

Every website is provided with a specific IP address which is a combination of certain numbers. These numbers point to your specific IP address. The business buys a domain name for your IP address as a name is much easier to remember than a combination of numbers. You get in touch with a domain name finder who provides you with a domain name registration for a certain period of time which can be renewed as and when required.